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Living the Story


As I continue to work on everything, I do want to say that I appreciate everyone's patience during this process. What my ultimate goal is to make such an immersive story experience that anybody can be apart of. Progress has been made in multiple areas and when I have more updates, I will be sharing them.


World of Ascension Grid


Castle Ascension


Immerse yourself in the story. Not only will users be able to experience the grid itself, but will also have the option of playing the HUD based RP game that will help aid them within the RP of the story. Grid Web site will be available soon.


The Story


Dark Forest


My blog has very informative information that can act as a guide to the story. As I had mentioned before, the World of Ascension Grid takes place after the events of the Rise of the Guadian trilogy, which is still a work in progress and I will soon be working on the final book in the trilogy. Some short stories will take place before the Rise of the Guardian trilogy to help everyone get to know some of the characters and also will help people understand some aspects of topics brought up in either book. The blog is also the place where you can stay up to date on my progress in writing the story. To visit the blog, click here.



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